This is a review/spam from the VS Arashi 2016.11.10, with Hiroshima Carp's fans team as opponent team and Kazama Shunsuke as Plus One Guest.

Anyway, this wasn't done with the prupose of being used for subbing. It's not a full translation, and it's not revised.
I omitted every single bit of the opponent team. Just Arashi Team's parts are included in this summary. I also skipped game narrations, and only added scores.
Do not take without permission.
And last, don't retranslate this.

Concrit about how to make a proper review is appreciated!

S: So, finally, Arashi's live tour is starting tomorrow.

S: It starts now, and will carry out till next year.

A: We ask your favor.

S: Talking about lives, what kind of live was the first one you attended?

N: For me it was V6.

A: You went to watch? Or you appeared?

J: You went to watch?

N: I appeared in it.

S: For me it was probably in 1995,  V6's concert.

A: When I was 12-13, I went to see Diana King.

J: You liked her?

A: My mother does, and she came to Akasaka BLITZ. We really did that "Oh lord have mercy mercy".
J: True.

S: What about you, Matsumoto-san?

J: Maybe the Back Street Boys or so.

S: We went to see them all 5 together.

O: I have a big impression of that too.

J: I remember having gone to watch the Back Street Boys twice.

J: First time, I simply bought the ticket and went. And the second time, we went together.

O: Yes, that time, us 4 were really pumped up, but only MatsuJun was holding a notebook and taking notes all the time.

J: It's somebody's live. It's scary.

O: I kept thinking "Enjoy it! Enjoy it" and he kept taking notes.

S: He has an inquiring mind, huh?

S: And Ohno-san?

O: The Back Stoboy--

J: OK, it's over.

[Openning Talk is over]

S: So, let's introduce them, today's opponent team are these people, come in!

Today's Opponent Team is Hiroshima Carp's fans.

*Opponent Team introduction, etc*

S: So, let's introduce the Plus One that will fight together with us Arashi today.

Today's Plus One Guest is Kazama Shunsuke-san!

K: Here... I was told to get in here.

A: You are super popular!! That was the biggest uproar today.

K: You 5 aren't that excited though.

N: There is not a single thing for us to be excited.

K: But during the VS Arashi conmmemorative 300 episode, Arashi said they wanted Kazama, so I was called in today.

J: Wait, wait a moment.We did?

Staff: Aiba-san said it.

K: That's why, today--

J: Aiba-san said it?

A: Ah, sorry.

S: Since you are friends.

A: Well, it's not Arashi's opinion, it's only my opinion. The other 4 did not wish so.

K: Today, it's Carp's fans, and Kazama's fans teams I was said.

J: No, no, we are Kazama's fans?!

K: Yes, so I heard.

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