29 June 2019 @ 04:35 pm

This is Ria's journal.

I translate stuff from time to time, as a way to keep practicing my Japanese. And why not, also as a way to practice my English.
My first language is Spanish, so forgive me any mistake I may make in any other language.

I have a full-time job, apart of studying at university, so if I take forever to reply it's because I'm either busy or directly brain-dead.

I've been an Arashi fan since 2010... which is yesterday, or a long time ago, depending how you see it.
I love music, photography, laze around, and my pet (a super cute and super spoiled guinea pig) ^_^

Feel free to add me as a friend, but a short comment about yourself instead of a random add would be really appreciated <3

Twitter: @rianoaria (locked) | @menimienaisekai (public)
Instagram: fickleunicorn (locked)
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